Shipping Providers

 A Shipping Provider is an actual service such as USPS, UPS, or FedEX. However, a provider can also be a type of shipping in order to determine shipping price. For example, one can have a "Percentage of Total Cost" provider or "Fixed Price" provider. In this case, the shipment "types" can be associated to one of the existing providers (i.e. USPS, UPS, FEDEX).

The Shipping Providers page manages the list of these providers/types.  There are two shipping methods available out of the box for you to customize: 1) Generic Gateway and 2) Weight/Jurisdiction Gateway.

A Generic Gateway is used for a fixed shipping fee while Weight/Jurisdiction Gateway is used for a shipping fee that is calculated based on the weight and shipping location.

Customizing Shipping Providers

Go to Administration > Order System > Shipping > Shipping Providers.  Edit one of the two providers listed.

  1. Edit Name, and Description.
  2. System Keyword (no spaces) and Classes are something that your developers need to code and provide.   
  3. Click OK to save changes.

The revised shipping provider will appear in the Shipping Providers page.

The Parameters and Packages tabs are not fully implemented; they serve as a starting point for developers for full implementation of those features.

Deleting Shipping Providers

1. Go to the Shipping Providers page.
2. Check off the box that corresponds to the shipping providers you want to delete.
3. Click on the More Actions button on the upper left corner of the main window menu bar, and choose Delete from the pull down menu.
4. Click OK when prompted. The selected providers will be deleted from the list.


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