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Pricing API

Catalog Pricing Customization

Catalog pricing offers a very flexible way to defining multiple prices for one product.

To make it even more flexible, we created a configurable Sale Types which can be added by modifying one configuration setting. For example you can add special pricing based on the jurisdiction. That can be useful if you offer different pricing in different regions and want to reuse the existing catalog and product information.

To do that do the following:

1. Modify the ecf.catalog.config file.

<!-- Sale Price Types -->
<add key="AllCustomers" value="0" description="All Customers" />
<add key="Customer" value="1" description="Customer"/>
<add key="CustomerPriceGroup" value="2" description="Customer Price Group"/>
<!-- Add custom types here. -->
<add key="JurisdictionGroup" value="3" description="Jurisdiction Group"/>


The "description" attribute supports referencing resource file text.

2. Add a new price for the jurisdiction specifying the Jurisdiction code inside the Sale Code field.

3. Set the Session[key] = "myjurisdiction" anywhere in the code before the pricing calculation is called.

For all custom attributes the Session[key] will be checked and matched against the value specified in the "Sale Code" property. If it matches the price will be displayed.

Setting Pricing Data at the Product Level


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