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Setting Pricing Data at the Product Level

By default the ECF ships with the ability to set pricing information at the variation/SKU level. In certain implementations it may be preferable to set pricing information at the Product level and/or the variation/SKU level. This can be accomplished by editing a configuration file to add the EntryPricingEditTab to the list of tabs available at the Product level.

Edit the Product-Edit.xml file and add a new tab to the Tabs group.


<Tab name="{SharedStrings:Overview}" controlUrl="catalog/tabs/EntryOverviewEditTab.ascx"></Tab>
<Tab name="{CatalogStrings:Entry_Pricing_Inventory}" controlUrl="catalog/tabs/EntryPricingEditTab.ascx"></Tab
<Tab name="{CatalogStrings:Catalog_Variations_SKUs}" controlUrl="catalog/tabs/EntryVariationsEditTab.ascx"></Tab>
<Tab name="{SharedStrings:SEO}" controlUrl="catalog/tabs/EntrySeoTab.ascx"></Tab>
<Tab name="{CatalogStrings:Catalog_Associations}" controlUrl="catalog/tabs/EntryAssociationEditTab.ascx"></Tab>
<Tab name="{SharedStrings:Assets}" controlUrl="catalog/tabs/ItemAssetsEditTab.ascx"></Tab>


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