Contains the classes for working with cache in Extension.


Public classBaseCache
Provides the base class for manipulating cache based on CacheManager
Public classDynamicPropertyCache
Contains methods for handle cache for Composer dynamic properties.
Public classExtensionCacheManager
The CacheManager for handle all caching in Extension
Public classFunctionBarCache
Cache the available functions in the toolbox for each user in the edit-on-page mode. Based on the access rights for each content function type, which are set by administrators in Extension admin mode.
Public classFunctionInstanceCategoryCache
Cache for Content instance category
Public classGlobalFunctionCache
Contains methods for handle cache for Composer global functions.
Public classPageVersionCache
Contains methods for handle cache for Composer page version.
Public classShadowPageCache
Cache for shadow page
Public classSpecializedDataCache
Manage cache for Composer specialized data: i.e. Composer settings, access rights, rules...
Public classSpecialPageCache
SpecialPageCache manages caching for special page types included: ExtensionGeneric.ContainerCustomPageType.ExtensionDataExtensionGeneric.ContainerCustomPageType.GlobalFunctionExtensionGeneric.ContainerCustomPageType.ShadowExtensionGeneric.ContainerCustomPageType.Template