Contains the common classes like logging, settings and Utils.


Public classFavoriteFunctionStorage
Defines a class to manage favorites content functions as personalized data.
Public classGlobalSettings
Define a class to hold global settings which could be accessed amongst different parts of the Extension plug-in
Public classHyperlinkAppender
Defines a class for special manipulations on a hyperlink.
Public classLogger
Define a proxy class to handle logging activities at 4 common levels INFO | WARN | DEBUG | ERROR
Public classPageDataExtensions
Contains helper methods for Composer PageData.
Public classPageExtensions
Helper class for Page
Public classReflector
Helper class for accessing information from assemblies
Public classRequestUtilities
Helper class for Composer Request
Public classScriptUtilities
Helper class for handle script
Public classStringExtensions
Helper class for string
Public classUtils Obsolete.
Defines useful static methods for common use.