Represents the data structure of an Extension page. An ExtensionPageData consists of multiple instances of ContentAreaData which then could contain multiple ContentFunctionData instances with various kinds of content or nested ContentAreaData and so on. An Extension page uses the data structure held in a respective ExtensionPageData instance to render the page.


The following example shows how to create an Extension page and add new content functions to its content areas.
// load extension page collection
PageTypeCollection pageTypes = Dropit.Extension.Global.ListExtensionPageTypes();

// load content function
IList<ContentFunctionType> functionTypes = Dropit.Extension.Global.ListContentFunctionTypes();

// create an extension page            
ExtensionPageData page = ExtensionPageData.Create(PageReference.StartPage, pageTypes[0].ID);
page.CurrentPage.PageName = "Test Page " + DateTime.Now;

// create 1st content function: BLOCK
ContentFunctionData block = ContentFunctionData.Create(page.CurrentPage.PageLink, functionTypes[0].FunctionTypeID);
// get the left content area from the page
ContentAreaData contentArea = page.GetContentAreas()[0];
// insert to the left content area at 0
contentArea.InsertContentFunction(block, 0);

// create 2nd content function: TEXT
ContentFunctionData text = ContentFunctionData.Create(page.CurrentPage.PageLink, functionTypes[1].FunctionTypeID);
// get the right content area from the page
contentArea = page.GetContentAreas()[1];
// insert to the right content area at 0
contentArea.InsertContentFunction(text, 0);

// create 3rd content function: IMAGE
ContentFunctionData image = ContentFunctionData.Create(page.CurrentPage.PageLink, functionTypes[2].FunctionTypeID);
// get the left content area of content function BLOCK
contentArea = block.GetContentAreas()[0];
// insert to the left content area at 0
contentArea.InsertContentFunction(image, 0);

PageReference pageLink = page.Save(EPiServer.DataAccess.SaveAction.Publish, EPiServer.Security.AccessLevel.NoAccess);

Namespace: Dropit.Extension.Core
Assembly: Dropit.Extension (in Dropit.Extension.dll) Version:


public class ExtensionPageData : IPageSource, 
	IExtensionSource, IObjectStore<ExtensionPageData>, IExtensionTransfer<ExtensionPageData>

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