Initializes an instance of the DirectoryDataFactory class.

Namespace:  EPiServer.Security
Assembly:  EPiServer (in EPiServer.dll) Version: 5.2.375.236


public abstract void Initialize(
	NameValueCollection config


Type: System.Collections.Specialized..::.NameValueCollection
The configuration data to use.


This method is intended to be called from within a providers Initialize method. It will read its settings from the config parameter and initialize this instance. Required settings in config are: connectionStringName = name of the connection string to use for connecting to the Active Directory server. connectionUsername = username for the connection. connectionPassword = password for the connection. Optional settings in config are: connectionProtection = level of protection and security for the Active Directory connection. None or Secure (default). cacheTimeout = how long cached Active Directory entries stys in the cache. Default is 10 minutes.

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