Access property value. There are special purpose accessor for most values and the structure of of these accessors are pretty much the same, but one rule... - Do not call the indexer twice just to check the value as this will double the execution time

Namespace:  EPiServer.Core
Assembly:  EPiServer (in EPiServer.dll) Version: 5.2.375.236


public PropertyDataCollection Property { get; }

Return Value

Returns a collection of all custom properties defined for the page type, and all values.


Meta data nameDescription
PageParentLinkPageLink to parent page. PropertyPageReference.
PageTypeIDPage type ID. PropertyPageType.
PageTypeNamePage type name. PropertyString.
PageLinkPageLink to page. PropertyPageReference.
PageLinkURLUrl to page. PropertyUrl.
PageNameName of page. PropertyString.
PageStartPublishStart publish date. PropertyDate.
PageStopPublishStop publish date. PropertyDate.
PageVisibleInMenuIf page is set to be visible in menus. PropertyBoolean.
PageCreatedDate when page was created. PropertyDate.
PageChildOrderRuleSort order for child pages. FilterSortOrder.
PagePeerOrderSorting index for page. PropertyNumber.
PageLanguageIDLanguage identifier for page. PropertyString.
PageArchiveLinkLink to archive. PropertyPageReference.
PageShortcutTypeType of link behaviour. PropertyNumber.
PageShortcutLinkPage links to this page, as defined by PageShortcutType. PropertyPageReference.
PageExternalURLSimple Url supported by this page. PropertyVirtualLink.
PageTargetFrameFrame this page should be displayed in. PropertyFrame.
PageChangedDate when this page last was set to changed. PropertyDate.
PageUseOutputCacheIf this page should use output caching. PropertyBoolean.
PageWorkStatusEditing status for page. PropertyNumber.
PageFolderIDUnique folder name in upload. PropertyNumber.
PageDeletedIf page is in the wastebasket. PropertyBoolean.

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