A base class EPiServer.Web.PermanentLinkMap provides the basic mapping between a System.Guid and a UriKind.Relative System.Uri (the MappedUrl). An PermanentLinkMap has an permanent property which is a System.Guid, and one or more mapped properties that it maps to. The mapped properties may change, the immutable must never change. Mapping is provided by instantiating an instance via a store lookup, and providing an appropriate parameter. There are derived classes, PermanentPageLinkMap and PermanentFileLinkMap, representing the two different kinds of links supported. There's an PermanentLinkMapStore class which given a System.Guid or a System.Uri can get an PermanentXXXLinkMap instance, or null if not found. Mapped defining property for PermanentPageLinkMap is a PageReference. Mapped defining property for PermanentFileLinkMap is a string (virtualPath). The PermanentLinkMap instances should be considered as a required and persisted representation. This means that any time a new PermanentLinkMap is created in the system an PermanentXXXLinkMap object must be constructed (this is the only way to get the permanent Uri anyway), and any time an existing PermanentLinkMap has a mapped defining property changed, the corresponding property must be 'set' to enable persistance (actually to enable cache coherence).

Namespace:  EPiServer.Web
Assembly:  EPiServer (in EPiServer.dll) Version: 5.2.375.236


public class PermanentLinkMap

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