The EPiServer.WebControls namespace contains web controls for rendering page information, tree structures, page lists etc. to a browser. The controls have rich databinding support, the lists can be filtered and most controls are templated. NOTE! The classes in this namespace has been deprecated and should only be used for backwards compatibility with EPiServer 4.x


CategoryTemplateContainer Obsolete.
Used for template context on category level
CategoryTree Obsolete.
Renders a tree of categories from a given root category.
ChangedPages Obsolete.
Control that lists changed pages for the specified root page and all child pages.
Clear Obsolete.
Simple control to put a img-tag with a transparent gif of the given dimensions.
Content in ContentFramework on a Web Form that will populate controls to Region
ContentFramework Obsolete.
Provides support for visual inheritance. Configure a skeleton user control with Region which can be populated by Content controls in a ContentFramework on a Web Form.
ContentFrameworkPreview Obsolete.
This control can be used to create a miniature model of a table structure.
ContentFrameworkSelector Obsolete.
The ContentFrameWorkSelector is responsible of loading a framework usercontrol in the EPiServer Content Framework. Select a framework to use if multiple frameworks are defined.
DynamicCell Obsolete.
A TableCell that can change width.
DynamicResizeCell Obsolete.
A TableCell that can be used to change width on DynamicCells.
DynamicResizeRow Obsolete.
A TableRow that can be used to change width on DynamicRows.
DynamicRow Obsolete.
A TableRow that can change height.
DynamicTable Obsolete.
A Table that contains resizable Rows and Cells. These can be personalized and saved by authenticated users.
ExplorerTree Obsolete.
PageSearch Obsolete.
WebControl that handles text searches against EPiServer pages in the database and files indexed by Microsoft Index Server.
PropertyCriteriaControl Obsolete.
Holder of criteria information used by property searching
PropertyCriteriaControlBuilder Obsolete.
Builds child controls of type PropertyCriteriaControl
PropertySearch Obsolete.
Advanced property search in the complete database.
A region in ContentFramework that can be populated with controls from a Content
SiteMap Obsolete.
Tab Obsolete.
Summary description for Tab.
TabStrip Obsolete.
Summary description for TabStrip.