Control for rendering page tree's, extends PageTreeData with templates.
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Namespace:  EPiServer.Web.WebControls
Assembly:  EPiServer.Web.WebControls (in EPiServer.Web.WebControls.dll) Version: 6.0.530.0


public class PageTree : PageTreeData, INamingContainer


Specify at least ItemTemplate to enable rendering, other templates not set will fallback on the most likely substitute If the TopTemplate is set other TopTemplates will fallback to this template insted of the corresponding ItemTemplate.
Note: Keep in mind while inherriting that the template fallback behavior can be modified by overriding any of the virtual InstantiateXXXTemplate methods. If you just want to change in which order the different templates will be used you simply call the InstantiateTemplate method providing the template order you want for your rendering as arguments.


Example usage of PageTree rendering a simple tree of pages.
<episerver:PageTree PageLink="<%#CurrentPage.PageLink%>" runat="server" ID="PageTree1">
        <img src="../images/clear.gif" width="<%#(Container.Indent*10)%>"/>
        <episerver:property PropertyName="PageLink" runat="server"/>xzx

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